Ya tienen agua limpia

Already have clean water.

Guatemala, February 2012. As part of the project “Water is life” Frutera, together with UNICEF, the COCODE (local community development council), the Tiquisate Health Center and concerned mothers, helped clean 180 water wells in the San Francisco Madre Vieja community and 80 in Huitzitzil village, in Escuintla province. With this work inhabitants of the mentioned communities now have clean and safe water.

Madre Vieja COCODE President Ernesto Telón thanked the assistance provided by the different organizations. “When we approached Frutera we did not doubt they would help us. We are very happy to have done this work which will help us prevent many diseases”, he commented.

The goal of this project was to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases from drinking contaminated water in the communities around Frutera.Training on preventive health targeting families and community leaders were also part of the project, along with teaching people how to improve water quality.

“With the help of Frutera we have been able to train more people in the area of preventive health. Working as a team we have reached more people. This alliance will help us transform people to give them a better quality of life”, said environmental sanitation inspector Eddy Tábora.

Dr. Edwin Hernández, Director of the Tiquisate Health Center added that thanks to the association with Frutera, the “Water is Life” project has advanced. “I congratulate the company owners for doing this for the communities, who need a lot of assistance, especially in the area of health”, he said.