Terminan clases del Diplomado en Orientación Familiar impartido a docentes y líderes comunitarios de las comunidades cercanas a fincas de Frutera

Certified in Family Guidance its over, it was imparted by teachers and community leaders from communities near Fruteras farms.

Guatemala, December 2009. The week of 9 to November 13, the last class of the Diploma in Family Guidance given by the ENLACE Partnership (The Encounter Community), teachers, principals, community leaders and staff were given farms of the communities of San Jose Mogollon, the Boar, the Seed, Old Mother, and Ticanlú Huitzizil in Frutera area.

In these final issues of the last training module is taught: Character, Personality, Educational Authority, Parents and their children’s education, television and its effects, Leisure time, work, social dimension of the person, Friendship, environmental influences, and family counseling.

In addition to this, two school sessions for parents were held, which is the preparation of teachers to start in January, after finishing with the graduate supervised practice, School for Parents. These sessions were prepared to plan the logistics of the schools, the annual schedule of meetings, activities, supervised practice, etc. Where are they who give the graduate classes to parents who are willing to receive them. The idea is that this diploma will have a multiplier effect on communities.

A group of supporters of the estate receiving the diploma, not being teachers, instead of creating a school for parents, had the opportunity for a community project with participating graduate schools to help strengthen education. This project involves the creation of a library.

In the month of January was conducted supervised practice of the participants, where they applied what they learned and then taught to parents of school.

Fruit Company’s banana plantations have sponsored this diploma, in order to achieve comprehensive development in the communities where we operate. We want those who teach the children of our employees, they are able to pass on good behavior, because not only care about their welfare but their entire families.

Some comments from those who received the diploma are:

Olga Shirin, Director of The Village School Boar of Frutera:

“We have been retrofitted with a diploma and we will serve in my community as many parents learn the issues that we as teachers will let them know and so my community can move forward.”