capacitacion en inteligencia emocional

Frutera Trains Managers in Emotional Intelligence

The banana company, Frutera,  trained its management staff , on emotional intelligence applied to work and life and to Frutera’s vision, values ​​and teamwork to achieve goals.

Two hundred workers were trained in order to acquire knowledge in areas of organization and human values ​​to be replicated in their families and the workplace, as well as to grow as individuals.

Single academic preparation and experience is no longer the only important thing. How we handle ourselves and others is just as important.  IQ and technical preparation are important but other competencies such as initiative, empathy, adaptability, creativity, honesty, etc. have been added (Emotional Intelligence Premise). 

This is the second of a series of trainings for middle level and top managers to be held on a monthly basis in Frutera’s banana plantations.

“It was an excellent training course that encourages us to move forward in our goals and prepare ourselves academically to be competitive. The course also helped us improve our personal skills”, stated Norman Barrios, plantation manager.