Se realizan jornadas médicas oftalmológicas con colaboradores de fincas

Ophthalmic medical missions are conducted with collaborators from farms.

Guatemala, August 2009. ophthalmic medical missions were conducted with collaborators Frutera farms, located in the department of Escuintla.

The journey lasted a week, the exams were free and a discount of 10 per cent was given when buying lenses. Furthermore, given the opportunity to pay in ten installments.

The company is aware of its corporate social responsibility, made ​​an ophthalmic day for all employees through a corporate contract, in which all employees were eligible for vision services that included: eye exams and eyeglasses to sell a deal preferred, since the prices were at a 20 to 40 percent discount and credit option and fees could be negotiated with partners. Assessments had no cost since they were paid by the company.

If the employee needed other more specialized eye treatment, could be transferred to the central clinic in the capital city to provide the necessary treatment.

The companies that perform these services for the collaborators of Frutera are authorized by the Ministry of Public Health companies, which comply with all the rules governed by the Ministry and the philosophy of customer service as the primary objective.