Jornada de salud de Frutera

Frutera performs health day for its workers

With the objective of ensuring the health and well-being of its workers, Frutera carried out a “helth day” in the workplace, benefiting men and women from all the tasks of the farms.

The day was carried out to 975 field workers and packing plants and administrative personnel. It was extended to the schools where the children of the employees of Frutera, Escuela las Guacas, Masagua, Escuintla; School Colonia la Libertad, Magueyes village 1 and 2 of San José Escuintla; and San José Mogollón, Nueva Concepción Escuintla. In total, 2, 765 people were benefited, among workers of Frutera and children of the schools.

Diseases caused by parasites and others of the stomach type are the most common in the area; that is why the company accompanies these days with hygiene campaigns, such as the importance of washing hands and consuming safe water.

“The health of our employees occupies a high priority in the company’s agenda, which is why we are committed to contributing to the health of our people and promoting initiatives that contribute to improving their quality of life,” said Walter Tello , Coordinator of Community Relations of Frutera.