Líderes comunitarios del área del departamento de escuintla son invitados por la empresa al foro nacional 2009, organizado por centrarse

Community leaders in the area of the department of Escuintla are invited by the company to the National Forum 2009, organized by Focus.

Guatemala, September 2009. On September 8- 9  we had the visit of 19 community leaders from Escuintla, who were invited by the company to the National Forum 2009 with the theme? Creating Sustainable Growth ?, organized by Focus.

Focus (Center for Action CSR in Guatemala), founded in 2003, is an organization that today has over 100 member companies that belong to more than 20 sectors and sub​​-sectors of the country’s productive. They represent about 30 percent of Guatemala’s GDP and employ 150,000 families; becoming the coalition of companies promoting the country’s most influential CSR and one of the most important regionally.

The company invited the community leaders who live in places near the farm of La Sierra and Las Vegas, of United Fruit, in order to approach them, to know and be known, to report what is being done in our community programs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and train them in this issue through the forum.

As part of the company attended Gustavo Bolaños, CEO, Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Director, Stuart Garcia Salas, Production Manager at International Fruit Company, Glenda Barrientos, Corporate Human Resources Manager, Walter Tello, Human Resources Manager at farms and Crista Moon, Head of Corporate Affairs.

Leaders actively participated in the Forum, they heard presentations from various personalities who spoke of sustainable growth in several companies, participated in group activities, and personalities met and met each other.

The National Forum on CSR is the national meeting where companies, organizations of civil society, international organizations and public agencies to propose, meet, share and discuss a national strategy to meet corporate social responsibility.

This year, the theme of the forum was Creating Sustainable Growth ?, understanding sustainability as: meeting the needs of today without compromising the possibilities of tomorrow. The objective of the forum was to create awareness among companies about these key factors that frame the current economic climate.

This activity reached an advertising equivalency of US $ 43.028 and $ 63.000 media sponsorship; was present on television, newspapers, magazines, cinema, outdoor and online advertising. The day of the event, an audience of 500 was reached, this means that he had a 67 percent increase in participation compared to 2008; why the event has been billed as a success, this year 2009.

All leaders took the activity and had a good time learning about the exhibits of the Forum and we as a company, we have more contact with them.


Don Macedonio Tuc Tuc, Community Mayor, member of COCODE, Aldea El Jabali: This activity was very good. Never in my life had taken part in these things ?.

Ingrid Janet Munoz, nurse Village Huitzizil: “It was quality, which I liked best was when we went to hear the issue of win-win for communities, because here in the village that is what is making the banana with us. I learned at the Forum, business listings, what they do, what projects have several very important things. he was excellent. “