Frutera implemented dialogue project between the union and management.

Guatemala, August 2009. On 12 and 13 August, started banana plantations in the Atlantic Fruit Company, a project called ‘Creating a process of constructive dialogue between the union and company management in Banana’.

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and its partner CentraRSE in Guatemala, leading organizations in CSR, are working with the company to build the capacity of dialogue between employees and the company, and thus achieve effective interaction that meets the needs of both.

Achieving multi-sectoral dialogue between company and employees is a challenge for any company as it helps improve the working environment and good relations between management and workers and promotes the competitiveness of the company.

The objective of this project is to create a process of constructive dialogue between the union and the management of the farm Panajachel I and II, which allows to identify common themes to generate continuous improvements that affect the competitiveness and market access of the organization .

The first part of the project development was conducted two training sessions, which were held at the operational and administrative staff of the farm and were valuable for learning and motivation of employees, based on feedback from the participants gathered at the end activities.

The subject was taught in this training was ‘The value of investing in strengthening relations’, a group of about 30 people, with the aim of aligning the vision of the company.

This project has several benefits, among them are: create-term formal relationships and long, better communication between workers and management of the property, creating greater trust between workers and management of the property, creating an attitude of working together, grow productivity farm, and above all, to improve the working environment.

The results were positive and the comments and suggestions of the participants, valuable to take them into account, as most felt that this project would be beneficial because it would help them work together, would bring good results in the work, find new and better ways of working, more ideas and innovation to increase sales and reduce losses and motivate them to strive to create a suitable and pleasant working environment.

For more information, visit the link on the BSR website, where you will find the note on the proposed dialogue between workers and the company: