inician clases del Diplomado en Orientación Familiar impartido a docentes y líderes comunitarios de las comunidades cercanas a fincas de Frutera

Start certified in “Family Enrichment” sponsored by Frutera International SA.

Guatemala, July 2009. Banana plantations from Frutera Internacional sponsored the training in family guidance given by the organization ENLACE in order to achieve an integral development for their employees and families in communities where they operate.

The training is a period of four months (July to November), which seeks to encourage participants, in this case teachers, principals, administrators of farms and community leaders, to improve their own behavior and experience of family values, to spread it in their environment and incorporate into their daily work, serving as example for the community.

Some of the topics to be discussed during the training are: individual and family values, education for freedom, character and personality, work, among others.

At the opening event attended by representatives of the Board of Frutera Internacional, members of the Board of ENLACE, community leaders, farm staff, school principals, teachers and members of COCODES.

This and other projects are part of the company’s commitment to support the community through education and training to improve their living conditions and simultaneously encourage them to participate in developing their own community.