Frutera recompensa a sus trabajadores con el “Premio a la Productividad Fernando Bolaños”

Frutera reward their workers with the “Fernando Bolaños Productivity Award”.

Guatemala, June 2011. Each year, Frutera awards farms and workers that achieve higher productivity yields. To do that, it evaluates the fulfillment of production targets, technical and environmental standards, disciplinary rules and adherence to the values of the company, among others. This year, on farm and 30 workers were creditors of the prize which is named by the founder of the corporation, consisting of cash and prizes in kind.

With this recognition, the company encourages employees to constantly seek excellence and meet the company’s values which are: perseverance, hard work, team work, responsibility, honesty and generosity. For Frutera it is a commitment providing quality products with social responsibility.

At the award ceremony, the Manager of Human Resources, said: “The Fernando Bolaños Productivity Award has been a great motivational complement to our staff because it shows that the company recognizes the efficiency, performance, quality and team work”.

Alejandro Cal, Fruit Receiver and award-winning employee said: “I am happy to have won the award for productivity. We thank God and the company because they value our work and effort. I am grateful to colleagues because we all worked our hardest to win. This motivates me to keep doing things better”.