Frutera realiza una vez más el “Premio a la Productividad 2013″

Frutera performed again the “Productivity Award 2013”

Guatemala, May 2013. For the fourth year, Frutera recognizes its employees outstanding work with the “Productivity Award 2013.” 311 employees of Frutera farms were recognized for contributing towards the growth of the company and for having improved the economical, personal and professional situation of its employees and were given a cash award. This is a yearly event in memory of the founder of the company.

The purpose of this award is to thank employees for their dedication, job excellence and to encourage them to continue doing a good job as well as reminding them to always apply in their daily life the values and teachings established by Fruteras’ Founder.

The criteria to select the winners are: job excellence, no disciplinary actions, zero work place absenteeism, outstanding performance and at least one year of seniority.

Danix Garcia, banana picker, who was honored this year, stated: “We are motivated to receive the award. The dedication and effort is recognized. We are thankful to God and the Company for acknowledging our work and I would like to encourage my coworkers to continue working as a team in order to meet goals thus next year we can win again.”

In addition, an award is given to the packing plant with the highest production in a year and keeping the standards of quality and Social Responsibility. As production increases employees earn more.

Escuintla’s Human Resource Manager added: “The productivity award is an incentive for all workers; the company recognizes efficiency, productivity, quality, performance and team work of its employees.”