Frutera promueve el cuidado del medio ambiente en la aldea de san josé mogollón, escuintla

Frutera promotes environmental care in the village of San Jose Mogollon , Escuintla.

Guatemala, November 2011. Frutera’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department donated plastic containers to the school and health center of San Jose Mogollon, in Escuintla. The plastic containers will be used to recycle garbage, which will help keep the town clean and build a culture of care for the environment among its inhabitants.

Frutera also obtained a permit from nearby Nueva Concepcion Municipality to allow the use of its garbage dump, and twice a month Frutera trucks will transport it there from San Jose Mogollon.

As part of this effort, on-going street cleaning drives are also organized in San Jose Mogollon, with the participation of members of the COCODE (the local Community Development Council), teachers, health workers, mothers and the community in general. This promotes team spirit and builds a sense of community identity, while ensuring that children can live and study in a safe and healthy environment.

“We are very happy with Frutera for the assistance they have provided, and for promoting a culture of cleanliness in the communities. We thank the owners for being interested in our development”, said Jesus Hernandez, President of the COCODE of San Jose Mogollon.