Frutera executes a nutrition program with students in Masagua and San José, Escuintla.

One Banana a day changes your life is the name of the nutrition program executed by Frutera. It promotes active participation of social actors: business, community, and government; all working together to enhance health and food safety among students who attend rural schools in the region.

The program consists of incorporating one banana a day as a nutritional supplement to the school meal. With the collaboration of multiple local and governmental alliances, we perform preventive health activities.

The program execution is possible with the support and organization of the government, teachers, community leaders, and parents, who take responsibility for transporting bananas from the company’s facilities to the school and prepare them for consumption.

During 2019, Frutera benefited 563 children in schools in Masagua and San José, Escuintla.

Schools were recognized for the implementation of the program, as well as the institutions that contributed to preventive health activities throughout the school year.