Frutera Internacional repara infraestructura de Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta

Frutera repairs Infrastructure International School Official Rural Mixed.

Guatemala, June 2009. Aiming to improve the conditions of students of the village San Francisco Madre Vieja, Frutera Internacional repaired parts of the installations of the village?s school, Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta, located in Tiquisate, Escuintla.

The school had serious roof damage, it presented holes where water, litter and sunlight easily entered, making it difficult for both teachers and students to follow the class dynamics. To solve the problem, the old foil sheets were replaced by new ones that do not allow the sunlight to go through.

In addition to this repair and thinking about the safety of students, a fence was built around the school to prevent children from leaving the area and crossing the Madre Vieja River, as it is a very dangerous step.

With the support of Frutera Internacional, always committed with the community to improve their living conditions, the population of San Francisco Madre Vieja village has a school in conditions in which their students can attend classes and enjoy the facilities without any trouble.