Frutera internacional ayuda semanalmente a los bomberos de nueva concepción, escuintla, con combustible

International Frutera helps weekly firefighters of Nueva Concepción, Escuintla with fuel.

Guatemala, September 2009. For more than five years, the banana company United Fruit supports volunteer firefighters unit of Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, with gallons of fuel so they can cover the needs within the center and also in Nueva Concepcion nearby villages.

The fire department serves several communities where our employees live and that is why the company is interested in support for self care for themselves and their families in times of accidents.

Among the communities they serve firefighters are: Tierra Linda, The Boar, San Lorenzo, San Antonio Repair village Canoguitas, Las Pampas, Santa Ana Mixtán, Mora village, hamlet, Central America, San Jose Mogollon, Barrio Santa Teresa, the Village and the Chiribisco Trochas of I to XIV. In these places inhabits approximately 25 percent of our employees of the La Sierra, Frutera.