Frutera inaugurate cooperative Mi Gente for their workers benefit.

Guatemala, September 2013. Frutera inaugurated last month, as part of their Social Responsibility program, at Tasmania Farm, the offices of the Credit Union -for loans and savings- “My People”. The objective of this Cooperative is to contribute towards improving life quality of coworkers, their families and communities by benefiting its members.

Among the benefits offered by Cooperative “My People”, are:

Earnings of the Cooperative are given to its members and can be withdrawn when needed.
No minimum requirement for savings.
Savings are tax exempt.
Interests are monthly paid on minimum balance.
Access to low rate loans.
Amount of loans are taken from savings and up to 50% of severance pay.
Technical support.
A grocery store that will supply basic commodities and electrical appliances at reduced prices.
Opportunities are given to cooperative members to participate in the board of directors.
The cooperative is legally registered.

The cooperative has its own sets of values that motivate its members to follow them, such as: self-reliance, responsibility, democracy, equality, honesty, solidarity, fairness, and help each other.

Frutera acknowledges that if the company grows, its fellow employees must also grow. For that reason the company constantly makes efforts to improve life quality of its workers and families.

During the opening ceremony, Bernardo Roehrs, Frutera’s Corportate Director, commented: “We all need a helping hand. For instance: Who has not had a sick child and doesn’t know how to cure him? For all emergencies, we offer now this project that will benefit everyone. Sometimes, we must fend for ourselves, for this reason the cooperative has been established with affordable prices and with the purpose to teach its members the culture of savings.”

Testimonies of employees benefited:

Evelyn Lemus, Quality Control: “It is a great Project that benefits all the farm employees because it provides an opportunity for all to participate with small contributions and become members of the cooperative, and receive benefits such as loans, grocery shopping and opportunities to bring economic profit from the earnings of the cooperative. May God bless our employers for incentivating this kind of projects”.

Eliú Barrera, Inventory Control: “The Project ‘My People’ brings us great benefits as employees. Through the cooperative we can receive emergency loans and also have the opportunity to save a percentage of our salary. In the long run it will benefit the household economy.”