Frutera dona 7 mil bananos a escuelas para la refacción escolar

Frutera donates 7000 bananas for school snacks.

Guatemala, February 2013. Frutera donated seven thousand bananas for schools refreshments snacks, for the rural communities of San Jose Mogollon and El Jabali in Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla. Over one thousand students were benefited from this donation.

This donation was made possible through the food security program -Happy Families- (Familas Felices); the objective of this program is to strengthen nutrition in children. Bananas contain high nutritional value, helping children to enhance school performance. Teachers serve bananas to children with honey, milk or prepare banana pancakes. The bananas were delivered with the support of the local Community Council for Development (Comite Comunitario de Desarrollo -COCODE.)

The president of the Community Council of Mogollon, Jesus Lopez, stated: “This donation brings not only happiness, but health to children because of the vitamins that Bananas contain and helps to prevent diseases. The community Council and its neighbors are very thankful with Frutera.”

Blanca Merida, principal of one of the schools stated: “In our school we have many children with severe malnutrition and these bananas received will help them to eat healthier and improve their learning skills.”

Jackeline Mechua, 5th grade teacher added: “This is of great help because many children come to school on an empty stomach. They are dreaming of tortillas and are unable to concentrate in class. Having a full stomach makes a difference!”