Frutera cuenta con nueva clínica médica para atender a sus trabajadores

Frutera has a new medical clinic to treat workers.

Guatemala, April 2013. Frutera concerned with the wellbeing of their employees recently opened a new and easy accessible medical clinic for its employees, offering a wide range of services.

“We expect to serve 900 employees by taking care of their medical needs and to look after their wellbeing. The company is taking actions to offer the best and most efficient health care for our employees”, stated the Human Resources Manager of Frutera.

The clinic opens daily from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, operated by a full time registered nurse; covering primary and preventive health care services such as food poisoning, injuries and on the job accident as well as providing the medicines needed.
In addition the clinic offers education programs on: accident prevention, proper use of tools and adequate handling of pesticides, HIV prevention and pre natal care. The clinic sees 15 to 20 employees daily.

Campaigns and free medical days care are organized periodically for early diagnosis and prevention of HIV, infectious diseases and related programs. Levels of cholinesterase are also measured to minimize the exposure of employees to pesticides.

“The new clinic will benefit all employees of Frutera. It has a well-stocked pharmacy. Employees are very happy and satisfied to see the changes that are taking place”, said Marilu Recinos, the clinic?s nurse.