Frutera contribuyó con la construcción de diez aulas en la escuela de la aldea Ticanlú en Tiquisate, Escuintla

Frutera contributed to the construction of ten classrooms in the village school in Tiquisate Ticanlú, Escuintla.

Guatemala, October 2011. Contributing to education, especially of nearby communities, Frutera helped build ten classrooms in the Juan Pablo Hernández School in the community of Ticanlú.

This project, which will benefit more than 550 students and some 300 families, was made possible by the joint effort of the private sector, the Municipality of Tiquisate and community leaders, among them teachers, parents and members of the local COCODE (Community Development Council).

During the inauguration ceremony school director Milvia Emperatriz Pappa thanked Frutera and all those who contributed in the project. “Thank you in particular to Mr. Gustavo Bolaños and to Engineer García Salas because they have given the example to other companies to help the community.” Former provincial head of education Rony Peláez added: “It is good to hear that the private sector is interested in improving everyone?s lives, not only of its employees, but also their families and their communities.”

As a token of their appreciation, school teachers named two of the classrooms after Gustavo Bolaños and Fernando Bolaños.