Frutera contributes to bring awareness to mangrove conservation

Frutera the banana company, along with other companies, government institutions, NGOs, schools and institutes, marched, in the framework of the international day for mangrove defense, to raise awareness about the importance of mangrove conservation.
This is the second year that this celebration is held in the lower area of Tiquisate. Students carried signs with messages related to Mangrove Day and its importance for communities.

This parade is done in order to raise awareness and the importance of mangroves, the benefits it gives and why they should be taken care of, among people of the lower area of Escuintla. Furthermore, it seeks ownership of the issue by the students so that they can take the message home.

The parade was attended by 400 people including students, teachers, military base personnel, banana farms staff, ICC, INAB, members of the Local Tiquisate Table Committee on Mangrove, accompanied by the school band, walking through the main streets of communities Ticanlú and El Semillero.