Frutera trains mothers of village San José Mogollón.

Frutera together with SESAN train mothers from village San Jose Mogollon, as part of the Nutritious School Snack Program. This project has been carried out for almost two years ago. The objective is to seek community development, reducing poverty and malnutrition.

About 150 mothers, 125 children and 300 community members from village San José Mogollon have benefited from this project. The project works together with SESAN MIDES, MAGA, COCODES, SOSEP, MOH and mothers from the community.

“The history of the company is framed by an ongoing commitment for creating economic, labor, social development value for employees, their families and the communities in which we operate,” says Walter Tello, Frutera’s CSR Coordinator.

“Thanks to Frutera and other institutions that have believed in us, we have learned many things about health and the development of products such as disinfectants and pastries, which are things we can do not only to use at home but also to sell them and have an additional income ” said mother Andrea Ortega, project participant.

This time training was given every Tuesday since January, in the multiuse community room. Theoretical and practical topics were given to the participating mothers on self-esteem, health, hygiene, nutrition, environmental protection, production and marketing. Frutera’s investment in this project was approximately Q 25, 000.