Frutera capacita a su personal en manipulación de alimentos, lavado de manos y uso de equipo de protección personal

Frutera trains staff in food handling, hand washing and use of personal protective equipment.

Guatemala, September 2013. As part of the certification process of Rainforest Alliance and Global Gap a training was carried out on “Food handling, hand washing techniques and the usage of protective equipment” to prevent the spreading of contagious diseases caused by poor hygiene. The training was given to employee dining room and food kiosks personnel as well as for employees that work at the company’s cafeteria and to those who prepare and serve food at the School “Aldea Madre Vieja.”

The objectives of the workshop were to help employees to identify basic hygiene and sanitations norms to handle food safely and to prevent diseases caused by contaminated food. They were taught on how to recognize the elements that contributes to food to be spoiled and how to store it safely. Another item discussed was the importance of the usage of protective equipment for personnel that handles food.

Bernardo Roehrs, Frutera’s Corporate Director commented: “We seek with this course to train our personnel that services our farm employees, on how to prevent and stop spreading diseases that are caused by inappropriate handling of food. We are worried for the wellbeing and health of our employees.”

The training was coordinated in conjunction with the Health Center of Tiquisate, the Environmental Sanitation Inspector and the principal of San Francisco Madre Vieja School.
Maria Paz, a cook from Las Vegas farm expressed: “it was an enjoyable activity and I hope that this is not the last time that we receive this type of training. I want to thank Frutera and its organizers for inviting us to participate. It is very important to be trained on these subjects.”