Frutera empowers parents and mothers in Food Security and Nutrition.

Guatemala, October 2013. Frutera, as part of their Food Security Program, “Healthy Food Snacks”, carries out weekly trainings for parents of the village of San Jose Mogollon, Escuintla in alliance with The Secretariat for Foods Security and Nutrition -SESAN-, The Municipal Office for Children and Youth -OMPNA-, the Municipality of Nueva Concepcion and The Community Council for Development -COCODE-.

The topics addressed on October were: responsible parenthood and rights and duties of boys and girls. Due to this month’s subjects, besides parents, sixth grade students from the “Escuela Rural Mixta Aldea San Jose Mogollon” were also invited to participate in the conferences.

In addition to provide knowledge and skills to the participants, this training seeks to create opportunities for reflection in which parents can have an objective view of the rights and duties of children and the importance of an effective communication between parents and children for an optimum development of the latter.

The training emphasized that boys and girls will count with a special protection by law and other institutions to allow them to develop physically, mentally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and normal way, in conditions of freedom and dignity.

Juan Francisco Arita, SESAN’s delegate pointed out: “The child should have the benefits of social security, has the right to grow and develop in good health, to adequate food, housing, recreation and medical services.” He added: “For the full and harmonious development of the child’s personality, it is needed to have love and comprehension, when possible grow in an environment of care, under parental responsibility and in any event in an affective and secure moral and physical environment and except in exceptional circumstances children should not be separated for their mother at a young age.”

Arita added: “Frutera is doing an outstanding social effort with the community, it is an exemplary company because contributes with a great deal of knowledge, training and information that benefits not only the family but the whole community. Today we can see a great example of an alliance of those who work in favor of children rights and responsible parenthood which is of vital importance for parents. Thank you because this group has now acquired this knowledge, and above all because this program is part of the Zero Hunger Pact, which is being worked together with the government.”

The Municipal Office for Childhood and Youth of Nueva Concepcion -OMPNA- presented a special recognition to Frutera. Gloria America, representative of the Municipality stated: “For us is a privilege to hand you this recognition to express our thanks for the humanistic approach towards the communities. As a government institution we could not have carried out this project alone. You, as Private Sector are of great support for the development of these communities, now we are part of a great family social responsible conscientious, from the owners to all the employees. We?ve seen it all, that the company not only generates employment in the area but worries about the wellbeing of many people.”