Fincas de frutera internacional ubicadas en escuintla hacen gestiones para conseguir 2 mil 434 bolsas de útiles escolares para seis escuelas del área

Frutera gets 2,560 school bags for six schools in the area.

Guatemala, September 2009. During September, the banana company took steps that resulted in positive and with the money obtained from them, are able to buy votes that were fixed on 2000 434 bags. Each contained two notebooks, a pencil sharpener, a pen, a pencil and an eraser and Q14.25 were worth, but were sold to Q1.00 students from surrounding schools Frutera farms: The Saw and The Vegas. .

This was done with the goal that all students have the skills to perform their tasks and class work in the best way and tools to learn their lessons well.

This activity benefited a total of 2 000 410 students. The votes were given to the school in San Francisco Madre Vieja (206 students), the village Huitzizil (232 students) of Ticanlú (446 students), San Jose Mogollon (535 students) of the seedlings (311 students) and parceling the Boar (680 students). It was decided to donate school supplies in these communities as they are all close to our farms and are home most of the families of our employees.

The principals and teachers of these institutions were very grateful and happy now that students have something to write and where.