The Program Familias Felices from Frutera trained 390 women on ” how to create a profitable business”.

Frutera’s Happy Families program trains 390 women on “how to create a productive business”.

This program conducted training sessions for rural women from four coastal communities in Guatemala on setting up and managing a small business. During the workshop “A Business, An Opportunity” women were taught how to conduct a feasibility study and produce a business plan, and were trained on the different steps needed to establish a small business.

Several of the participants commented that the sessions made them “open their eyes” to understand different ways to getting ahead by being enterprising and establish their own business.

Walter Tello, Community Relations Manager at Frutera and Happy Families program coordinator said that one of the objectives of the program is to empower women and their families so they can be independent. These workshops aim at promoting entrepreneurship among rural women by helping them to set up productive project.

As part of the program, follow up home visits to participating women to provide support and supervision have showed that the majority of women are putting into practice what they have learned in the sessions.