A quality product

For over 15 years, Frutera has produced high quality bananas of different types, using cutting edge technology and friendly farming practices with the environment and the nearby communities.


Responsibly produced

To meet product quality and the care of our people and communities, we use cutting edge technology in agricultural practices, ensuring sustainability throughout the production process.

Considering consumer satisfaction and the welfare of the community, in Frutera we take care of the last detail throughout the process, from soil selection and care, to packaging and customer delivery.

This and more has made Frutera a leader in agricultural food production and job creation in the national and international markets for so many years.

Procesamiento del bananoPlanting
Procesamiento del bananoGrowth
Procesamiento del bananoProtection
Procesamiento del bananoHarvest
Procesamiento del bananoMarketing

Our People

Our People

We care about our people

In Frutera we care about the health of our employees, their welfare and that of their families. We implement industrial safety standards at work -use of helmets, gloves, hairnets, masks, etc. depending on the type of work. They are trained and have periodical medical checkups to ensure their health. All of them have social security (IGSS) and all the farms have infirmaries. Furthermore we carry out free medical event days for the surrounding communities, in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

FRUTERA pays decent wages (above the minimum wage) and beyond complying with the law, we care about the integral development of our employees. We keep an open and frank communication and develop social programs that benefit our people, the communities and the environment.