FRUTERA is a leading company in the fruit industry in Central America.

Beyond delivering quality products, we are concerned for the welfare of our people, the development of the communities and the conservation of the environment.


We provide direct employment to more than 4,000 workers and indirect employment to more than 10,000 Guatemalans, who day to day contribute to the socio-economic development of the region and the country.


In Frutera we fulfill the law, but we go beyond, that is why we have global certifications and environmental and social programs for the benefit of our workers, their families and the nearby communities.


Frutera has been over more than 35 years in the cultivation and marketing of high quality bananas. We use state of the art, environmentally friendly technology and good agricultural practices.

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Frutera capacita a sus mandos medios y gerentes

Frutera Trains Managers in Emotional Intelligence

The banana company, Frutera, trained its management staff , on emotional intelligence applied to work and life and to Frutera’s vision, values ​​and teamwork to achieve goals.

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Frutera trains mothers of village San José Mogollón.

Frutera together with SESAN train mothers from village San Jose Mogollon, as part of the Nutritious School Snack Program. This project has been carried out for almost two years ago.Read more

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FRUTERA helps prevent dengue and chikungunya with rubbish removal event days

Frutera, in partnership with the health posts in the villages San Francisco Madre Vieja and Las Trozas, conducted rubbish removal event days in order to prevent dengue and chikungunya. TheRead more

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